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How to use instagram

to get more guests booking direct at your bed and breakfast


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Do you want to learn how to use Instagram to attract more guests?


Social media, especially Instagram, can be a great way to attract more guests to your bed and breakfast.

But Instagram can sometimes feel like a bit of dark art and an uphill struggle.

🧐 How do you set up your account properly?

🧐 How do you get more followers?

🧐 What do all of the different terms like caption and profile mean?

🧐 How do hashtags work?

🧐 How do you stop your account being hacked?

🧐 What do you actually post on Instagram and how often do you post?

🧐 What's a reel and do you have to do silly dances to make them work? ( spoiler alert - the answer is NO, not if you don't want to and I'll share some great alternatives that don't you being on video! )



Discover how to use Instagram to attract more guests



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Join me live for a couple of hours and I’ll help you…

👉 get a better understanding of how Instagram works so you can 

👉 become more confident with using Instagram for your business

 Save your seat below, show up for the 2 hour workshop and get everything you need to know to attract more guests with Instagram.


  • How to set up your profile so that more people can find your B&B on Instagram
  • How to set up your Instagram account to keep it secure
  • An overview of all of the different terms and what they mean
  • What to post on Instagram and how often
  • What reels are and how to use them if you don't want to be on video
  • The common mistakes people make when they're using hashtags and how to find the best ones to use
  • How to use Instagram stories
  • How to link to your website from Instagram

This workshop is for you if

  • You've not yet joined Instagram
  • You've just joined and you're still trying to work it all out
  • You've been on Instagram for a while but you're not getting the results you'd like


✔️2 hour workshop

✔️ Q&A Session - ask your questions live or submit them beforehand

✔️ Workshop recording, which you can download to keep

✔️ Training area login with access to the recording, downloads and bonuses

✔️ Workshop slides PDF to download

✔️ BONUS: How to create an Instagram Carousel Post

✔️ BONUS: How to create Instagram Story Highlights

✔️ BONUS: How to create a reel using just photos with no video 

✔️ BONUS: How to schedule your Instagram Posts 

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Meet the trainer behind the course

Hello! I'm Karen Thorne

I'm the founder and owner of Bed and Breakfast Academy. I'm an experienced B&B owner, trainer, head cheerleader at the Yellow Duck Collection, dog wrangler, avid knitter, proud mother of Jess and wife to Rob - the one with the beard. 

I worked for British Airways for 16 years, where I was an IT manager, trainer, coach and facilitator.

When we decided to escape the rat race, move to the countryside and set up my own B&B in Shropshire in 2004, there  was very little support or information available for anyone starting a B&B. And I made an awful lot of expensive mistakes along the way.

I decided to combine my training skills with what I'd learned about running a B&B ( the hard way ... ouch ) to create a training course to help aspiring B&B owners like you create your best B&B life and to make sure you don't make the same expensive mistakes I'd made!

And Bed and Breakfast Academy was born in 2006.

I always marketed my own B&B, never using the online travel agencies like bookingdotcom. And I've been using social media to market my businesses for over 13 years

It lovely to meet you!

Karen x

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Test-Drive mini workshop for 30 Days

If you feel the workshop doesn't answer all the questions you have about using Instagram, simply email Karen at [email protected] 

and I'll gladly refund the cost of the workshop…


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