How To Set Up, Buy, Run and Market a Bed and Breakfast

The most comprehensive online course for you if you want to learn how to set up, buy, run and market your own B&B. 

This ONLINE Bed and Breakfast Course will guide you through all of the stages of setting up, buying, running and marketing a B&B you'll love owning, attracting guests who will love staying with you.

It will take the guess work out of setting up a B&B, saving you time and money, by avoiding expensive mistakes.

Why Do a B&B Course?

Saves You Time and Money

The B&B course will save you time by helping you identify the information you need to run a B&B.

It will save you money by learning what has worked well for me, and other B&B owners, and by not repeating the mistakes we’ve made.

It will be proof  to any mortgage provider that you have done all of the proper background work.

Create a B&B You'll Love Running

You’ll identify how to attract the guests you really want and create a B&B that gets rave reviews 

You’ll find out all of the best hints, tips and secrets of owning a successful B&B that runs smoothly.

You'll learn how to create a B&B that guests will want to keep coming back to.

Ongoing Support

You’ll become part of an amazing community of friendly, supportive B&B owners who want to help you achieve your dream.

In the private Facebook Group, They'll share their ideas and best practise and support you if you're having a bad day. Plus your B&B will be featured on the Yellow Duck Collection Map so future guests can find you too.

How Does The Course Work?

Online B&B Course

The course is made up of pre-recorded slide based lessons, immediately available after you have purchased the course. You can watch and re-watch at any time.

There are also comprehensive downloadable notes and exercises.

Ongoing Support

Once you've signed up for the course, you'll be invited to join the Facebook Group for course attendees to receive support as you set up and run your B&B.

You'll also be able to list your B&B on the Yellow Duck Collection Map!

Bed and Breakfast Academy has been reviewed in

Country Living Magazine


The Guardian.

 And featured in

The Telegraph, Mail on Sunday "YOU" magazine, Jeremy Vine Radio 2 Lunchtime Show, Daily Express, Coast Magazine, Good Housekeeping, The Independent and more!


Bed and Breakfast Academy is also the recommended B&B training course provider of Stewart Hindley and Partners Mortgage Brokers

What you'll get as soon as you purchase the course:

✔ 9 Modules on Setting up, Running & Marketing a B&B with pre recorded lesson videos

✔ Access to the Facebook Group for past course attendees

✔ Downloadable Course booklet

✔ Downloadable B&B Design Checklist

✔ Bonus Materials including recipes, useful forms etc.

✔ Self assessment exercises to help you identify the actions you need to take, skills & additional information you need to acquire




Secure payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card




Secure payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card


Module 1

Getting Started. How to own a B&B you'll love running

In this module we really dive into what makes a good B&B and a good B&B owner. You'll get lots of exercises to do to work through to get this clear in your own head. We'll then look at the reality of running a B&B and the impact it has on your life

Module Highlights

  1. What makes a good bed and breakfast?
  2. What makes a good bed and breakfast owner?
  3. Have YOU got what it takes to run a B&B?
  4. What's the impact of running a B&B on family, friends and your home?
  5. Pros and cons of buying an established B&B versus setting one up from scratch

Module 2

How to do your B&B Research

It's crucial to do your research thoroughly before setting up or buying a B&B. You'll identify your WHY for wanting to run a B&B, then plan all of the research you'll need to do before getting started.

Module Highlights

  1. Business Planning Overview
  2. Get clear on your goals and understand your WHY
  3. Identify what research you need to do and how to do it
  4. Occupancy Rates

Module 3

B&B Legal Requirements

In this module we'll run through an overview of the main legal requirements for setting up, running and marketing a B&B in England and where to go to get further information.

This has been updated to include where to find the information for safely running a B&B in the time of COVID19

Module 4

B&B Finances

In this module you'll get an overview of all the things you need to consider related to earning and managing your money whilst running your B&B business. And where to go to get further information and help.

Module Highlights

  1. Accounting
  2. Tax
  3. How much can you expect to earn?
  4. Borrowing money
  5. Business banking and taking money

Module 5

Understanding Quality standards and customer reviews

We'll look at the various quality assurance schemes available - those star rating. Then we'll cover the importance of customers reviews and how to manage them and use them to your advantage - even the bad ones!

Module Highlights

  1. Quality assurance schemes, directories and guides
  2. Managing and making the most of customer reviews

Module 6

Boundaries, terms and conditions and B&B systems

In this module, we'll look at why setting clear boundaries is so important for B&B owners. We'll cover the types of boundaries you'll need to set.

We'll also cover all of the processes and systems you need to put in place to make sure your B&B runs smoothly and efficiently.

Module Highlights

  1. Understanding and defining boundaries at your B&B
  2. B&B processes and systems

Module 7

Preparing your B&B for Guests

We'll cover the main things you need to consider when setting up your B&B bedrooms and public areas such as dining rooms. Included in this section is the room design checklist - over 25 pages of everything you need to consider when setting up your B&B

Module Highlights

  1. What to consider when designing your B&B bedrooms
  2. Creating your B&B public areas
  3. Room Design Checklist

Module 8

Day to day running of your B&B

In this module we'll cover everything you need to know to for the day to day running of your B&B, starting from when the guests book right through to guest departure. We'll also look at the things that can typically go wrong and what you can do to avoid or manage problems.

Module Highlights

  1. Before guests arrive - taking bookings
  2. Before guests arrive - cleaning
  3. Welcoming guests and what to do whilst they're staying
  4. Breakfast and other meals
  5. Guest departure
  6. When things go wrong

Module 9

Attracting guests

In this final module we'll cover everything you need to know for successfully marketing your bed and breakfast.

Module Highlights

  1. Your marketing plan
  2. Websites, search engine optimisation and newsletters
  3. Online travel agents, Tripadvisor and Other directories
  4. Social Media
  5. Advertising, PR and other paper stuff




Secure payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card




Secure payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card



Many hundreds of people have gone through my courses over the years. Here is just a taster of a few of the testimonials I've received

"“A real eye-opener! Taking Karen’s B&B Academy course was by far the single most important thing that we did when we embarked on our B&B journey. We literally covered everything from bacon to loo roll. We had read books and articles about B&B ownership but nothing came close to giving us the real insight more than this course did. If you are considering embarking on your own B&B we cannot recommend the B&B Academy course enough. Thank you Karen – you helped us to make our dream come true! "

Alyson & Simon Tuxworth The Old Stables, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

"“Prior to the course we decided we wanted a change of direction and that establishing a Bed & Breakfast would surely be a straightforward project?!! How hard could it be(?!) and is there really that much to learn? Anyway, my wife suggested we attended the course so we could get a better understanding of what it takes. Well, thank goodness we did! There really is so much to learn… whether its pricing, social media or legal matters, Karen covers it all. It is truly one of the most extensive courses I have been on and her go to ‘take away bible’ has proved to be an invaluable ongoing reference document. To anyone considering running a Bed & Breakfast, I urge you to take the course – even if it puts you off running one! This is a great course and rich in content… and I thoroughly recommend it. "

Mark and Debbie Smith, Ty Bae B&B, Anglesey

"After taking Karen's course we really felt we had all the tools we needed to set up our business and were keen to get started. When we opened The School House we soon realised just how much we had learned on Karen’s course and it gave us the confidence to relax and enjoy our new adventure right from the start. But Karen’s teaching doesn’t stop at the classroom – the course opens up a whole network of liked-minded people to exchange views and ideas with, so we are always up-to-date with changes within the industry. We would highly recommend Karen’s course if you’re thinking of getting into this very enjoyable and rewarding business."

Clare and Dave Wright, The School House B&B, Chapel Lawn, Shropshire

 Frequently Asked Questions

I believe it's best to attend the course as early as possible in your B&B journey. Many people take the course because they like the idea of running a B&B but they're not sure if it's for them. Some people decide to approach their plans very differently after coming on the course. But wherever you are on your path, I believe you'll get value from the training. I've had veteran B&B owners attending to give their business a boost!

The course is mainly made up of pre recorded lesson videos. There are 9 modules consisting of 1-6 lessons each. You can take the course at your own pace and the videos will be available for as long as the B&B Academy is in business. There are PDF notes for you to download and keep covering everything that is said in the videos.

When you join the course you will be added to the group discussion board. In here you can "virtually" meet other people taking the course and ask questions. I'll be in the group answering questions Monday to Friday and will aim to answer questions within 24 hours. 

There will also be regular live zoom calls where you can join other course attendees to ask questions and share ideas.

In the course, I do cover a lot of what you need to know about the legal and financial sides of running a B&B. However, I am not a financial or legal advisor and what I say does not constitute financial or legal advice. You should never make any major financial or legal decisions based on the course alone, but should take financial or legal advice from a qualified professional.

Hi There!

I'm Karen and I work with people, who dream of running their own successful bed and breakfast business.

My goal is to help people like you create a B&B lifestyle that you'll love, whilst avoiding expensive and time consuming mistakes along the way.

I've created an online course that takes you through the 9 steps of setting up, or buying, running and marketing a B&B

Community and support is really important to me, so, as well as running B&B training for over 14 years, I've created an amazing online B&B support community, open to people who have completed my courses

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know that it can be  a bit nerve wracking buying an online course from a total stranger. 

I believe that if you go through all of the lessons in the course, you'll discover at least one ( and probably a lot more ) pieces of information that will save you the cost of the course at least!

If you sign up for the course today and then decide it's not for you. If you contact me within 7 days of the purchase, I will refund the cost in full, no questions asked.




Secure payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card




Secure payment via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card


Karen Thorne, Bed and Breakfast Academy, Hopton House, Hopton Heath, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 0QD


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