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marketing your b&b Oct 05, 2020


One of the areas in their business, that B&B owners most often ask me for help with, is marketing their B&B and attracting more direct guests. 

I’ve been devising a cunning plan for a while - mostly at 2am in the morning. Thanks brain - and I finally broached it with my past course attendees a couple of weekends ago.

It's not a perfect, cunning plan. But I’ve had a lot of positive responses to it so thought I would share it with you too!

The problems

These are the problems I hear about again and again from B&B owners when it comes to attracting guests to their business

  • Frustration with Online Travel Agencies
  • Not knowing how to get the best out of social media
  • Worried about being authentic in their marketing and having "to sell and be pushy"
  • Using marketing techniques that attract the wrong sort of guests to their B&B
  • Struggling to keep up to date with the latest marketing techniques
  • Constantly trying to come up with ideas to blog about, include in newsletters, put on social media...
  • Getting  their website onto the front page of google

So what’s my cunning imperfect plan?

My idea is to create a B&B Marketing Club, a membership site, that helps you build a solid marketing foundation that you build on throughout the year.

What is a membership site?

  • It's a slower burn than course, but digs deeper, helping you to implement what you're learning in your business at a practical level
  • Dedicated membership website 
  • Monthly training on a specific topic e.g. blogging, sending newsletters, instagram, pinterest etc. In that month we'll dive into that specific topic
  • Examples of best practise, templates etc.
  • Ongoing support from me
  • Ongoing support from other group members
  • Community sharing ideas and best practise
  • It's a monthly commitment. You can cancel at any time

One of the most important aspects of a membership is the community.

The community will be in a Facebook group. The group will be a place to share ideas and support each other - no more struggling on your own to think up ideas for your blog, newsletter or social media. 

It’s very important to me that any Facebook community group I am responsible for is a safe place for people to share ideas and issues and concerns. And I will ask members to sign up to the community guidelines.

Founding member launch

Because this is a brand new idea,  I’ll be offering the first people to join - the founding members - a special very low monthly price. If you join at this price it’s locked in until you cancel. This founding member’s price will be the lowest price ever offered and that price will increase as the membership develops.

The aim of a founding members launch is that you help me develop the direction of the membership. Together we’ll create something that works for you. I believe you will start to get value straightaway and that value will increase month on month, but it’s a new thing that will need shaping with your feedback, hence the low starting price!

Is it for you?

✔ Yes, if you want to take control of your marketing and stop relying so much on the online travel agents.

✔ Yes if you’re prepared to put the work in.

✔ Yes if you want to contribute to a growing community and help other B&B owners

It’s not a magic pill.You won ’t instantly start attracting direct customers just by joining the membership. But I do believe that by consistently applying what you’re learning, you will start to see more of the type of customers you want to stay at your B&B, booking with you directly.

How am I qualified to do this?

I’ve been successfully  marketing my own B&B for 16 years. I don’t use the OTAs. 

During lockdown I invested part of my bounce back loan in TRIBE - an 8 week training programme focussed on how to set up and run a membership site. 

I know a lot about marketing a B&B and I take the time to constantly update my knowledge. Hands up though, I don't know everything there is to know , but if I don't know the answer I normally know someone who does! That's the beauty of a membership in that we can bring in other experts and also within the group we'll share ideas and growing your skills together.

Why now is exactly the right time to join

For many of us in the northern hemisphere things are starting to quieten down - they always do in Shropshire  at this time of the year - and there are more than likely further restrictions due to COVID on the horizon. So now is the ideal time to be doing this and investing time in your business.

I will be running a 5 Steps to Marketing your B&B webinar in the very near future. It will be an overview of what I see as an effective marketing strategy, with some practical  hints and tips for you. And I’ll be telling you more about the membership.

If you can’t make the webinar but would like to hear more about the membership then please still join the marketing mailing list. It’s a double opt in so please make sure you check your email and confirm your subscription. Check your SPAM if you don’t get the email.

Joining the email list doesn’t commit you to anything. I’ll send a further email with details on how to join the membership and the webinar. You can unsubscribe at any time and I don’t pass your data on to anyone else!


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