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Running a B&B | 5 more of my favourite kitchen gadgets

5 Kitchen Essentials for bed and breakfast owners

running a bed and breakfast Nov 23, 2020

The blog post I wrote about my  5 favourite B&B gadgets several  weeks ago was very popular, so I thought I'd follow up with my next 5 as promised.

Whilst they're my favourites and make running a B&B a little easier, they're very unpopular with one member of our household. Our dog, Saffy, absolutely hates me using the grater, the pasta machine, the salad spinner and the rolling pin! I've been known to take the salad spinner upstairs so as not to set her off 😂

Just a reminder, as part of the online course I include a 27 page room design checklist you can download, which covers all of the items you'll need in your B&B bedrooms and bathrooms 


Click on the picture to link through to find out more about each item on Amazon.

 1. Microplane Grater

I seem to spend a lot of my time zesting lemons. It's what gives my lemon drizzle cake that lovely flavour. 

I'm a huge fan of Microplane graters. I use the bigger ones for grating cheese and the finer ones for zesting lemons and limes and grating parmesan. They also work really well on garlic and ginger - just watch your fingers! 

2. Kilner Jars

I will confess that I have a bit of a thing about Kilner jars. Our local supermarket has half an aisle dedicated to them and I can't walk past them without buying a new one.

I'm particularly fond of these 0.35l litre ones. I use them for quite a few different purposes:

  • Fruit salad and Bircher muesli on the breakfast buffet ( COVID secure! )
  • Shortbread in the guest rooms
  • coleslaw and other salads to accompany guest platters

I have lots of other sizes. I decant all of my sugar, flour etc into them once I've opened the packets. And I use the larger ones for storing my homemade pancake and muffin mixes.

The shortbread in the room is one of the things that my guests always comment on. For more little extras that your guests will love check out this blog post

3. Glass Dome

My mother in law first gave me one of these glass domes. When my 2 bed and breakfast rooms were in the house, I'd put a whole fruit cake in one on the sideboard between the rooms. These were perfect for keeping the cake fresh, for when the guests wanted to help themselves.

I now have 6 of these Luminarc Glass Domes. I use them to put the sliced breakfast bread in. I have toasters on the buffet table - an individual buffet table each due to COVID - and guests toast their own bread. The bread stays fresh for at least 2 days under the dome.

This photograph shows a pre COVID buffet but you can see the heavy use of kilner jars and the dome in action!

I also put the glass domes in the B&B guest rooms with the fresh bread for the platters. I pop the butter in next to the bread, so it softens up enough to spread and isn't exposed to the air!

4. Rectangular Plates

 My guests are able to pre order platters to eat in their room. This is proving extremely popular due to the current COVID restrictions. Quite a few of our local pubs aren't opening till mid week, so it can be difficult for my guests to find somewhere to eat.

I make the platters up on these plates. they are the perfect size to fit in the silent mini fridges that I have in the guest rooms.

5. Mini Butter Dishes

With the need to keep everything covered at breakfast at the moment, these butter dishes are very useful and rather sweet!


Again I only seem to have covered a few of my favourite gadgets. So expect another blog about some more soon!

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