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Nisbets Catering Equipment Flash Sale

running a bed and breakfast starting up a bed and breakfast Oct 24, 2021

Nisbets is a British retailer of catering equipment and supplies, as well as other supplies for hotels, B&Bs etc.

It's is one of the main companies used by many bed and breakfasts to purchase equipment for their B&B kitchen.

They have a flash sale on from 25th October 2021 until 23.59 on 27th October 2021.

Just pop over to their site here --> Nisbets UK Website and use the code FLASH10

The code is only redeemable online at Offer excludes Nisbets Essentials products and gift vouchers and cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes. A maximum discount of £50 applies.

Note that I'm an affiliate of Nisbets which means if you purchase through one of my links I get a small commission at no cost to you. It all goes to host the software that this blog lives on!

I haven't had much warning to write this - I've just popped over to my computer whilst our Sunday dinner is in the pressure cooker - but here are a few of my favourite Nisbets items. 

I am something of a kitchen gadget addict. Whenever we go on holiday, If I spot a kitchen shop I can't resist going on. So if I seem overly excited by some of these gadgets, please excuse me!

If you're signed up for the Online B&B course, you'll get the Ultimate B&B Kitchen Equipment List included - head over to Module 7 Preparing your B&B for guests!

1. Mini Silicone Spatula

I find these mini spatulas are the perfect partner for my mini food processors that I use to make hollandaise, hummus, chop herbs, make small batches of pastry etc. You'll find the processor in my Top 11 Kitchen Essentials List Blog

2. Kitchen Tongs

These are my absolute favourite kitchen tongs and they get daily use. They're just the perfect size for me and are the one thing, aside from sharp knives, that I miss whenever we go away self catering!

I have 2 pairs but I could probably use more. They are perfect for turning sausages and bacon and breakfast.

3. Colour coded kitchen tongs

I also had a few pairs of these colour coded tongs for  raw meat, vegetarian breakfasts and allergy cross contamination. 

The colour coding guide is as follows


Raw Meat


Cooked Meats


Bakery and Dairy




Fruit and salad


Allergen Isolation

4. Tea towels

Whilst I can't get as excited by tea towels as I do about some of my other kitchen gadgets. These ones are good value

5. Chef's Whites

I would wear chefs whites for breakfast service as, with 2 dogs, they were the one item of clothing I could guarantee was dog hair free. 

These ones are cheap enough to have enough sets be worn once and then thrown in the washing machine. They also didn't need ironing.


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