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Bed and Breakfast Marketing Community

The B&B Academy Community is currently closed to new members. If you'd like to be added to the waitlist and be notified when we are open to WELCOME new members please sign up  below

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Before I Tell You About The B&B Academy Marketing Community, Let's Talk About Who This Membership Is For... 


Whether you're...

an established bed and breakfast owner who has put a huge amount of hard work into creating a B&B your guests love, but you're tired of paying huge commissions to the online travel agencies


new to the B&B business and want to create a strong marketing foundation right at the start of your business, but you're not sure where to start in marketing


You're in the right place and I'm going to tell how the B&B Academy Marketing Membership will give you the support and tools you need to attract more of your ideal guests


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By signing up as a member of the B&B Marketing Community you'll...

  • Become confident in marketing your own B&B, attracting more of your ideal customers through your own efforts ( instead of through the OTAs)

  • Remain up to date with the latest marketing trends and tactics without having to spend hours working it out on your own or being bamboozled by marketing experts
  • Have a content plan in place so you're never stuck for what to post again!
  • Be part of a supportive, safe B&B community where you can share ideas and get feedback 
  • Have developed a marketing system that fits into your B&B business without taking it over and saves you time

A Note From Karen...

Hi There!

I'm Karen Thorne and I've been running my own B&B, Hopton House in Shropshire for 16 years.

I set up B&B Academy 14 years, helping aspiring bed and breakfast owners to set up, buy, run and market their own B&B businesses.

I love marketing and I've always marketed my own B&B and don't use the online travel agencies, keeping up to date with all of the latest marketing trends. I've run tourism marketing workshops for lots of different organisations over the years.

However, I know not everyone feels the same way about marketing. Most of you don't want to become marketing experts, you want to spend your time running your amazing B&Bs and welcoming your ideal guests! 

You want to take back control from the OTAS , not be stuck in front of a computer trying to work out the best way to use the latest social media or how to blog!

I've had an idea of a B&B Marketing Community for a while. My vision is to save you time and money, make your life easier, delivering marketing tasks  in easy deliverable chunks. And to create a supportive, safe community to cheer you on along the way.

I do hope you'll join me!

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More Detail on What's Included


#1- B&B Academy Marketing Membership Facebook Community

A safe and supportive community. I'll post hints and tips on how to improve your marketing in manageable action steps. I'll be doing the research and and working out how to apply it for B&BS, so you don't have to!

#2- Membership Training Area

Each month we'll focus on a core training topic such as writing a blog, doing your search engine optimisation, sending newsletters, using social media. I'll break it all down into easy, achievable steps. These trainings will be held within the membership training area. You can access these from your laptop, phone and via the KAJABI app

#3- Monthly Content Ideas

Knowing what to write in your blog or post on your social media can be one of the biggest struggles in marketing. Within the community we'll create content calendar so you're never stuck for ideas again

#4- Done For You Blog Posts & Blog Outlines

Each month I'll be creating example blogs that you can take away and tailor for your own blogs

#5- Regular Facebook Lives

I'll be jumping onto Facebook regularly to introduce new ideas and answer your questions

#6- Done For You Canva Templates

I'll be creating useful graphics for you to use in your social media and blogs and newsletters


The Result? 

More of your ideal guests booking direct

Less time spent in front of the laptop and more time to enjoy your B&B

The Result? 

More of your ideal guests booking direct

Less time spent in front of the laptop and more time to enjoy your B&B

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Catriona Haskell-Ward, Millburn Bed and Breakfast, Isle of Skye

Karen... thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, for being there for that extra advice when needed, for setting up the ‘B&B Academy’ family FB group no one could have planned for what this year has thrown at us all but we definitely couldn’t have got/get through it with out you and everyone in this group..

Clare and Dave Wright, The School House B&B, Shropshire

When we opened we soon realised just how much we had learned on Karen’s course. But her teaching doesn’t stop at the classroom – the course opens up a whole network of liked-minded people to exchange views and ideas with, so we are always up-to-date with changes within the industry. We would highly recommend Karen’s course if you’re thinking of getting into this very enjoyable and rewarding business.

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Sign up for the waitlist today and I'll email you as soon as the marketing membership opens again to welcome new members

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