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rolled oats in a brown bowl on a hessian sack and a wooden spoon

5 Easy Oat Recipes

breakfast recipe Jul 06, 2021

I’ve recently been moving all of my recipes across from my blogs onto this one and I noticed that quite a lot of my recipes involve oats!

We are lucky here in Shropshire to have a very good oat supplier, Pimhill Oats. I really notice the difference if I use any other oats for my porridge. And, of course, oats are very good for you!

Porridge is my go to breakfast of choice. When cooking it for guests I’d slow cook porridge - 1 part porridge to 3 parts whole milk - in the bottom of the AGA for about 45 minutes. 

For a good sized bowl of porridge I use ½ an American measuring cup, which is about 50g oats. If it’s part of a bigger breakfast I’ll use a ⅓ cup which is about 35g.

You can also cook it in a pan on top of the stove, stirring constantly over a medium heat  until it thickens - about 5 minutes.

I must admit when it’s my breakfast, it gets cooked in the microwave for 5-6 minutes.

Here are my other favourite oat recipes:

Bircher Muesli Recipe

Whilst we love our porridge here,  in the summer we prefer  granola or bircher muesli, also commonly known as overnight oats these days. 

There are loads of bircher muesli recipes out there but this one is our favourite. I’ve blogged about a bircher muesli recipe before but, as is my way, I’ve been tinkering with it. Most of my guests have never tasted it before, but try it and invariably ask me for the recipe.

Get the Bircher Muesli Recipe here


Homemade Granola Recipe

Making your own granola may seem like a bit of a faff. But this recipe makes a lot and it keeps well for a couple of weeks in a couple of large kilner jars.

Making it yourself also means you can adapt to your guests’ requirements; making it vegan and/or gluten free on request. And making sure there are no nasties in there.

Get the Homemade Granola Recipe here


Honey Oat Bread Recipe

This is a great bread to make if you want something a bit different from your normal granary loaf. It’s easy to make in a breadmaker and freezes well. 

You can make it vegan by turning it into Maple oat bread, replacing the honey with maple syrup.

Get the Honey Oat Bread Recipe here


Maple Oat Ginger Scone Recipe

I discovered this ginger scone recipe when we stayed in a B&B in Maine quite a few years ago and they quickly became a firm favourite on our buffet table.

An American acone is different to the ones we have in the UK. These are more like a soft shortbread biscuit, and are perfect with a large mug of coffee.

Get the Maple Oat Ginger Scone Recipe


Cheese and Oat Biscuit Recipe

This is a quick, very moreish savoury biscuit recipe. 

I’m not sure they have any place on the breakfast menu, but they would work very well if you offer supper platters or evening drinks for guests.  You could also pop them in the rooms if you have gluten free guests - just make sure you use gluten free oats.

Get the Cheese and Oat Biscuit Recipe

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