Hi, I'm Karen - the one without the beard!


I'm the founder and owner of Bed and Breakfast Academy. I'm an experienced B&B owner, trainer, head cheerleader at the Yellow Duck Collection, dog wrangler, avid knitter, proud mother and wife to Rob - the one with the beard. 

I worked for British Airways for 16 years, where I was an IT manager, trainer, coach and facilitator.

When we decided to escape the rat race, move to the countryside and set up my own B&B in Shropshire in 2004, there  was very little support or information available for anyone starting a B&B. And I made an awful lot of expensive mistakes along the way.

I decided to combine my training skills with what I'd learned about running a B&B ( the hard way ... ouch ) to create a training course to help aspiring B&B owners like you create your best B&B life and to make sure you don't make the same expensive mistakes I'd made!

And Bed and Breakfast Academy was born in 2006.

It lovely to meet you!

Karen x

I'd rather be walking the dogs than cleaning, so why did I start a B&B?

Back in 2004 I was burnt out in my corporate career. I wanted a more relaxed way of life, to be my own boss, be there for my daughter, live in the countryside and spend time with my dogs.

I hadn't always wanted to run a B&B. It was a way of making some income that allowed me to live in a beautiful part of the countryside and work from home.

But much to everyone's surprise - my Mum called it my wendy house 😂 - I turned out to be rather good at running a B&B and I enjoyed it.

Well, I enjoyed most of it ... I don't like cleaning - I'd much rather be spending my days lying in a field with my dogs -  and I'm not great at early mornings.

But I found I loved creating something special for guests who, much to my surprise,  kept coming back. About 70% of my guests are repeat customers.

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