#09 The 8 Mistakes I made starting up a bed and breakfast

In this podcast I talk you through one of the most popular posts on my Bed and Breakfast Academy Blog - the Top 8 Mistakes I made when starting a bed and breakfast.

You can read the blog post here >> Top 8 Mistakes I made when starting up my B&B

I’ve set up 4 B&B rooms in the 16 years I’ve been running a B&B. And I'm not too proud to admit that I’ve made a fair number of mistakes along the way. 

Some of these mistakes have cost me time - an awful lot of time over the years - and others have cost me money.

Hopefully by sharing my mistakes it will help you avoid the same mistakes, save you money and time when setting up your own B&B!

Just a note to say, that whilst some of the things I've done were wrong for my B&B, they may be exactly the right thing for your B&B. It's up to you to assess your potential market and decide.