#11 How to stay fit as a bed and breakfast owner with special guest, Ollie Halliday of Be Mobile Physio

How to stay fit as a bed and breakfast owner, especially as you get older.

This week's podcast episodes is a bit of a step away from talking about B&Bs, but it really is relevant for bed and breakfast owners, especially those of us who are over 55, even if you're not a B & B owner and never intend to be one, I believe this episode will be of interest.

In the B B course, I go through all of the skills experience and attributes that you need as a Bed and Breakfast owner. And one of the most important of those is being physically fit and strong and maintaining that fitness and strength as we get older can be a real challenge.

So this week I'm joined by a guest, Ollie Halliday from BeMobile physiotherapy, which provides online exercise programs for the over 55s.

I've been a member of BeMobile myself for near a year. And I'm a huge fan. As I've seen great benefits.

You can find BeMobile, at www.bemobilephysio.com.au. And they're also on Instagram and Facebook where they share lots of useful tips daily.

I really hope you enjoy this week's podcast.