#16 Do you have to do a room tidy when your B&B guests are staying more than one night?

When bed and breakfasts opened following the first Covid lockdown, many B&B owners, myself included, stopped offering the room tidy.

Now Covid rules are being relaxed and life is starting to feel a bit more normal - in the UK at least.

There have been a few discussions in my Facebook Group for Course Attendees about what happens to room tidies going forward. So I thought I'd use this podcast to discuss:

  • What is a room tidy and how long does it take?
  • What does a room tidy involve?
  • When should you change the bed linen if guests are staying more than one night?
  • What if guests leave the room in a mess? What happens if the guests don’t go out?
  • What happened to room tidies during Covid?
  • What’s the future of the bed and breakfast room tidy?
  • Quick tips for managing your room tidies

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