#19 Take Control of your Bed and Breakfast Marketing in 2024

In this episode, Karen shares her insights on how to take control of your B&B marketing and increase direct bookings. She emphasizes the importance of adopting authentic marketing strategies that not only yield positive results but also bring joy to the process.

Karen challenges the common perception that marketing is distasteful or spammy and offers a fresh perspective on how to market your business in an enjoyable and genuine way.

One of the key strategies Karen discusses is the concept of the "smile file." She explains how our natural negativity bias can often overshadow the positive reviews and feedback we receive from guests. The smile file serves as a powerful tool to counter this bias by collecting and storing all the positive reviews, guest book comments, and compliments you've received.

By referring to the smile file whenever negative comments start to affect your mindset, you can regain a sense of positivity and focus on the many positive experiences you've had with guests.

But the smile file isn't just a tool for personal well-being; it also has practical applications for your marketing efforts. Karen explains how analyzing the recurring themes in your smile file can provide valuable insights into what your customers appreciate most about your B&B.

These insights can guide your content creation for marketing emails, blog posts, and social media. Whether it's highlighting your delicious breakfasts with recipes and photos, showcasing specific ingredients and where you source them, or incorporating guest quotes that capture the essence of their experience, the smile file becomes a rich source of inspiration and authenticity.

Tune in to this episode to discover Karen's ideas for taking control of your B&B marketing, increasing direct bookings, and creating an authentic and enjoyable marketing experience.