#24 The Importance of Knowing Your B&B Guest - Marketing Tip #9

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I'm Karen, the founder and owner of Bed and Breakfast Academy, helping aspiring and existing B&B owners to create a B&B lifestyle you'll love living with guests who become loyal fans and keep returning.

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In this episode, which is #9 in the Taking Control of your B&B Marketing 2024 series,  I delve into the significance of understanding your ideal bed and breakfast (B&B) guests to simplify marketing efforts. I emphasise the need for clarity in defining your ideal guest profile, enabling tailored marketing strategies and enhancing guest satisfaction.

I share insights on how guest demographics and preferences can evolve over time, influenced by factors such as changing trends and external events like the COVID-19 pandemic. By focusing on a few key guest profiles, B&B owners can streamline marketing efforts and create a more personalised guest experience.

I also highlight the significance of staying informed about discrimination laws and adapting marketing messages accordingly. Overall, the episode provides practical tips for B&B owners to attract and retain loyal guests while optimising marketing strategies.

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