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5 Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

breakfast recipe recipes for dietary requirements running a bed and breakfast Jan 18, 2021

When you're running a B&B, it's worthwhile having a few vegetarian breakfast recipes up your sleeve.

These are some of the most popular recipes on my breakfast menu, even with non vegetarian guests.

They have the advantage of being easy to prepare and can be pre-cooked or prepared, so just need to be assembled at the same time as your other breakfasts.

Most of them can be adapted to be vegan and gluten free with a few simple ingredient omissions or substitutions.


Roasted tomatoes with halloumi on toasted brioche

For this recipe, the tomatoes are roasted slowly in a low oven, then topped with fried halloumi.

If you're having to do other breakfasts and things are getting a bit frantic, the halloumi can be fried a little in advance, the bread toasted and both kept warm alongside the the tomatoes in the low oven.

Roasted tomatoes on toast is firm favourite with a few of my vegan guests. Just be sure to replace the brioche with vegan toast. And leave out the halloumi obviously!

Herby Mushrooms and a poached egg on toast

This is probably my most requested breakfast special, alongside the pancakes and eggs benedict. It's very popular with meat eating guests as well.

Leave off the poached egg, replace the butter with olive oil and serve on vegan toast to make it vegan. Replace the toast with gluten free to make it gluten free!

 Cheese and herb vegetarian sausages

If your vegetarian guests still fancy a version of the Full English without meat, these cheese and herb sausages fit the bill perfectly.

They freeze beautifully and cook from frozen.

They're also perfect for using up leftover bread and cheese.

Avocado toast and poached egg

Another popular vegetarian breakfast recipe, which is easy to prepare ahead if you're making it alongside a Full English. 

It's easy to adapt to be vegan by leaving off the eggs and made gluten free by using gluten free toast. 

Maple Nut Granola

For vegetarian guests who don't want a cooked breakfast, this Maple Nut Granola is ideal served with Greek Yoghurt and fresh fruit or a fruit compote.

The granola itself is vegan ( provided you make it with maple syrup and not honey ). 

When I have vegan guests staying I always buy in a pot of coconut yoghurt such as the one made by the Coconut Collaborative.

If you have guests with specific dietary requirements, then check out this blog post on catering for B&B guest's special dietary requirements and restrictions. 

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