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Top 5 Bed and Breakfast Blog Posts

running a bed and breakfast Jul 22, 2021

I decided to give myself a morning off from the computer and head off to the Local to Ludlow Market to buy some croissants from our very own French baker, Matty. He bakes those wonderful buttery croissants that you only normally get to bite into on a holiday in France.

Ludlow was pretty magical this morning. The skies were blue and my favourite birds, swifts, were screaming round St Laurence’s church tower.

If you've never been to Ludlow, then check out The School House B&B’s lovely blog post --> The School House B&B’s Top 5 Ways to Explore Ludlow

Blogging is one of the best ways of getting traffic to your B&B website.

I took down my old Bed and Breakfast Academy website in December and blogging regularly has been the most effective way of getting traffic to my new website.

Last month I saw just under 3000 unique visitors to the new site.

Blogging works on many levels, from giving you content to use on your social media to helping you get your bed and breakfast website found on Google - you can find out more in this blog post here → 6 reasons to write a blog for your bed and breakfast

I set myself the task of blogging and sending a newsletter  weekly last August. And this week’s post is number 48! Only 4 weeks to go and I might give myself a holiday!

Here are the most visited blog posts on my website:

#1 5 Kitchen essentials for bed and breakfast owners


Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire a life changing  kitchen item- ok life changing may be an exaggeration, but these items do solve some common B&B problems.

This has been my popular blog post to date and continues to be so thanks to being featured in the Google Discovery Section. 

Read the blog post here → 5 Kitchen essentials for bed and breakfast owners

#2 Do you need a licence to sell alcohol at your B&B

This is a very common question for aspiring and existing B&B owners alike. So much so that this blog sends my website a load of visitors every week!

No matter what size B&B you run it’s really important that you’re aware of all of the legislation that applies to you!

Read the blog post here → Do you need a licence to sell alcohol at your B&B

 #3 My Top 5 Gadgets for B&B Owners

I’m a household gadget addict and I’m obviously not alone, as this blog post came in at #3! 

I’ve found all of these gadgets indispensable when running a bed and breakfast, and they are in daily use!

Read the blog post here → My top 5 gadgets for B&B owners

#4 Is it better to buy a B&B or set one up from scratch?

Given this is such a frequently asked question on my courses, it’s not surprising to find this blog post at #4

In this post I cover the pros and cons of buying a B&B versus setting one up from scratch, including quotes from my course attendees who already own a B&B

Read the blog post here → Is it better to buy a B&B or set one up from scratch?

#5 How to enjoy freshly baked bread every morning

A few years ago my bed and breakfast course was reviewed by Sally Shalam for The Guardian newspaper.

After the article appeared in the Guardian, I received a long email from a person complaining about the state of bed and breakfast toast. 

They explained that they’d stayed at some lovely B&Bs, serving amazing breakfasts that were then let down by the bread that was served. 

They were very keen that I explained to all future course attendees how important the quality of toast was to a breakfast!

So this  blog post was all about bread and toast!

Read the blog post here → How to enjoy freshly baked bread every morning

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