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Stuck for B&B Marketing Ideas? Try Content Buckets! - #2 Marketing a B&B 2024

marketing a bed and breakfast Jan 09, 2024

Welcome back to this 52 weeks to taking control of your B&B marketing series! Last week, we discussed the importance of creating a smile file as a starting point for identifying content for your marketing efforts. Today, we're diving deeper into the concept of content buckets and how they can help you streamline your marketing strategy. Let's explore how content buckets can elevate your B&B marketing game!

Prefer to listen to the Podcast, where I go into a bit more detail with examples, you can listen here or do a search for Bed and Breakfast Academy on Apple, Google or Spotify Podcasts.

What are Content Buckets?

Content buckets are virtual containers where you organise and categorise your content based on specific themes or topics. They serve as a roadmap for planning your blog, website, and social media strategy, ensuring that you cover everything your customers need to know about what makes your B&B special. By grouping your content into buckets, you can easily generate ideas and maintain a consistent flow of engaging and relevant information for your audience.

Identifying Your Content Buckets

To identify your content buckets, start with your smile file. Look for recurring themes and topics that guests consistently mention in their reviews. These are the aspects of your B&B that guests love and value the most. For example, you may find that guests rave about your B&B rooms, the breathtaking views, the delicious breakfasts, or the attention to detail.

If you already have a lot of reviews, then you should be able to generate a big smile file. But if you're new to running a B&B or have yet to set up or buy one, here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Do some research and find B&Bs that are similar in style and quality to the one you want to run. See what their customers are loving about their stay, and write it all down.
  • Imagine that your B&B has been up and running for a while. Visualize what your customers are saying about your business. Describe the experience of staying at your B&B from a customer's perspective, starting from when they are looking online to the moment they leave. Write it all down.

Additionally, consider your own values, interests, and unique offerings. What sets your B&B apart from others? Maybe you're passionate about dog-friendly accommodations, local attractions and activities, or showcasing your knitting skills. These personal touches can make a strong connection with prospective guests who share the same values.

Creating Your Content Buckets

Based on your analysis, compile a list of potential content buckets that align with your guests' preferences and your own values. For example, here are some real life reviews from my B&B’s smile file:

"Amazing place to stay. We couldn’t fault it at all, Karen has thought of everything you could need plus more in the room. It’s well furnished and has a super comfy bed. With views that are breathtaking. The breakfasts were all delicious. Karen is a great cook.”

"No effort was spared to make this a comfortable and welcoming trip. The breakfasts are ridiculously good. Worth visiting for the Arriva Trains walks as the station is just a few minutes away and takes you into the heart of the countryside.”

“Karen made our stay a great one! Her attention to detail is second to none. The breakfasts were to die for and the room was lovely, cosy, clean, and missed nothing. We would definitely recommend Hopton House and will be back. The whole weekend was relaxed and enjoyable. Karen is also a great dog lover and will pamper your dog too. Special mention for the Dog bed, dog towel, bowls, and biscuits, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Real Heinz Beans (HP and Heinz Tomato sauce), rubber duck, and Lovely cuddly Teddy!!!!”

“An excellent place to stay with a touch of luxury. Breakfast is amazing. Karen is a wonderful host. Our last visit was the third time we have stayed here and looking forward to visiting again. A visit to Ludlow is a must. Can recommend The Lion at Leintwardine for an evening meal - advisable to book.”

From just these 4 reviews, I identified 8 potential content buckets

1. B&B Rooms
2. Attention to Detail
3. Breathtaking Views
4. Delicious Breakfasts
5. Local Towns and Attractions
6. Places to Eat
7. Dog-Friendly Amenities
8. Things to Do

Another important element of marketing is to show something of your own values, personality, and potentially make connections with prospective guests. You’re going to share many of these values with potential guests.

Think about what’s important to you. I decided to merge these into one bucket, which gives me 9.

1. Showcasing Knitting Skills
2. Wildlife Encounters
3. Family-Friendly Experiences

Remember, these content buckets are not rigid categories but rather flexible themes that allow for creativity and variety in your marketing efforts. You can rotate and prioritise them based on seasonal or promotional considerations.

Utilising Your Content Buckets

Now that you have your content buckets, how do you use them? Use your smile file for generating ideas within each bucket. For example, under the "B&B Rooms" bucket, you can write blog posts about the unique features of each room or create social media posts showcasing cosy corners and luxurious amenities. Likewise, for the "Breathtaking Views" bucket, share stunning photos and captivating stories about the scenic vistas surrounding your B&B.

To make content creation even more efficient, consider organising your photos into albums on your phone or computer, categorised by each content bucket. This way, you can easily access relevant images to accompany your blog posts, newsletters, and social media updates.

Prioritising Your Marketing Efforts

Content buckets help you prioritize your marketing efforts by focusing on what truly matters to your guests. By consistently highlighting the themes and aspects that guests value the most, you create a stronger connection and encourage prospective guests to choose your B&B over others.

Simplify Your B&B Marketing with Content Buckets

Content buckets provide a framework for organizing and elevating your B&B marketing strategy. By identifying the themes that resonate with your guests and reflecting your own values, you can generate a steady stream of engaging content that showcases your B&B's unique offerings.

In our next podcast/blog, we'll explore more ways to find content inspiration and take your B&B marketing to new heights. Stay tuned for more valuable tips and tricks!

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