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10 Ways to Get More Repeats Guests at your B&B

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how important repeat guests were to many B&Bs. This week I wanted to go into a bit more detail on how to turn first time guests into loyal repeat fans!

I welcome many repeat guests to my own B&B, so I have a good idea of what it takes to get guests to come back. But I decided to go out to the Facebook Group of Past Course Attendees and asked them what THEY do to persuade guests to return.

I think this post, and all of the ideas generated by an amazing bunch of B&B owners, shows the power of community and shared ideas. Community is at the heart of my new B&B Marketing Club membership. Check out my 5 steps to marketing  a B&B webinar to find out more.

1. Be clear on the type of guests you want to attract

I do rather go on about this at length in my courses. But the most important thing you need to do, when you’re setting up, or buying, a B&B, is to be very clear on who your customers are and what it is...

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B&B Marketing Membership

marketing your b&b Oct 05, 2020


One of the areas in their business, that B&B owners most often ask me for help with, is marketing their B&B and attracting more direct guests. 

I’ve been devising a cunning plan for a while - mostly at 2am in the morning. Thanks brain - and I finally broached it with my past course attendees a couple of weekends ago.

It's not a perfect, cunning plan. But I’ve had a lot of positive responses to it so thought I would share it with you too!

The problems

These are the problems I hear about again and again from B&B owners when it comes to attracting guests to their business

  • Frustration with Online Travel Agencies
  • Not knowing how to get the best out of social media
  • Worried about being authentic in their marketing and having "to sell and be pushy"
  • Using marketing techniques that attract the wrong sort of guests to their B&B
  • Struggling to keep up to date with the latest marketing techniques
  • Constantly trying to come up with...
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Why repeat guests are so important to most B&Bs

Why I love to welcome repeat B&B guests

Since the first lockdown ended here in England, like many B&Bs across the UK, my own Bed and Breakfast  has been very busy. Many people have been desperate to to get away after months of lockdown or have had their trips abroad cancelled. 

It’s not all been plain sailing though. Whilst some people have been desperate to get away, others have been more apprehensive. I’ve had 28 B&B nights, booked before lockdown, cancelled because people are too nervous to travel or have had some change in circumstances due to COVID19.

Looking back at my diary for the last few months, I think about 90% of my bookings have been repeat guests. And looking forward, 100% of my bookings are guests who have stayed with us before. My bookings in a normal year are made up of  about 60-70% repeat business.

Having repeat guests to stay is a just a bit more relaxing

Even after over 16 years of running a bed and...

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